6 tips on writing catchy email subjects

6 tips on writing catchy email subjects

People take a good look at the envelope before opening their email. When the envelope is plain, and you are not sure where it came from, then you will not be excited to open it. This can be junk mail or a big waste of your time. Your email’s subject line is of great importance than the envelope. It will be easy for you to toss and envelop and easier to overlook in a pile of emails. This is the reason it is important for you to take time and learn how to write emails that are juicy.

Here are some tips that will assist you on how to write email subject lines that will get opened often

Types Subject lines and why they work


This is a tactic that is used in marketing. This is where you let people know about something urgent in a short subject line.

Social Proof

This is where you let people know about something popular and how well it worked for other. Give ratings and statistical review in the subject line. This is an effective selling strategy that has been used in all sorts of adverts.


You need to understand that every email in your list is human. Know what they are thinking at the moment, and this is about an upcoming event and holidays that might be on their mind.

Story Teaser

Everyone loves an interesting story. When you have an educational and entertaining story, let your audience know about it. This will create curiosity.

Give them an offer

Let your audience know about a specific offer. This can be a discount or a gift. Let them know about it in the subject line.

Self Interest

It is key for your subscribers to know what’s in for them. This is the headline that will pre-qualify them on whether the content you have on your email will be of help to them.