Best WordPress themes for affiliate sites

Best WordPress themes for affiliate sitesBest WordPress themes for affiliate sites

In this article we will give you some tips on how to choose best WordPress themes for your affiliate website. WordPress has proven to be a great framework that works great for affiliate sites. To be frank, you need more than just a basic installation. People will only trust a site that looks great and this is the reason you need to put in more word after installing the WordPress framework.

There is the hosted solution on but this will only work for the basic blogs. The reason why this is not the best solution is that you will be limited in the things you can do. The finer things in WordPress and the advanced techniques will be available when you are able to customize the site at the root level and this is not possible if you’re using WordPress multisite.

Use Genesis

Genesis is where everything begins, this is not a WordPress theme but it has themes of its own. Genesis is a framework and is an entire overhaul of WordPress. The framework has been designed for customization, flexibility and speed. There are plenty of themes you will get from Genesis and they will be mentioned at the end of this post.

What are some of the benefits of Using WordPress for your website?

When you choose to use WordPress for your website needs, it is cost effective. The days when it would cost you a leg and arm to develop a website are gone. The costs for the maintenance and upkeep for the websites are minimal since you can do everything by yourself rather than hiring a designer to do that for you.

When it comes to Search Engine Optimization, most of the themes compatible with WordPress are SEO ready. The sites that have been built using WP are simple and have constant codes that will make them ideal for indexing in Google. There are also inbuilt SEO components for each page and blog post and these will assist you in determining the pages you would want ranked in your search engine optimization endeavours.

Recent research studies have shown that mobile traffic is predicted to surpass desktop traffic. This being so, having a responsive website is a must. With most of the WP themes available nowadays they come mobile ready which gives you the benefit of having a responsive website immediately you install the theme on your site.

Theme List from Genesis

  • Thrive Rise
  • Thrive Voice
  • Thrive Storied
  • Splash
  • Smart Reviewer
  • Affiliate-board
  • Foodie Pro
  • Altitude