5 Best WordPress plugins for making landing pages

Great plugins from WordPress that you can make Landing pages with

When most of the people hear about WordPress they think about blogging and rarely do they think about ecommerce. The reality of the matter is that WordPress is a powerful tool and platform that you can use to come up with a website, blog through the use of your own custom codes or themes and plugins developed by third party individuals or companies.

Right from the time you read the title of this post you might be wondering what a landing page is. In layman language, a landing page focuses on a single subject. For instance, if you wanted people to join your list of emails, you can come up with a landing page that will be promoting the mailing list. In short, a landing page focuses on a single subject or aspect on your website and the goal is to achieve as many subscribers of the service you’re focusing on!

Why use a landing page?

Not all people will need to have a landing page. If you do not have ebooks, products or storefonts, then you will not need to have a landing page for your website. Such a website will die or live by the kind of content you are offering.

If you have something that you’re selling on your website, you will need a landing page to promote your products or services. It has been proven that landing pages will convert more compared to other forms of tertiary marketing activities.

Which are the different kinds of landing pages?

Unique Channel Landing Pages: This kind of landing page is specific; this is one that’s not directed on a general issue. This landing page can be used for a specific traffic source and meant to showcase a specific product.

Long Term Landing Pages: This kind of landing page will work for content that’s not time sensitive.

Segmented Landing Pages: With this landing pages your information will be directed to specific demographics and you can have different products showcased to each classification of your demography.

Which landing page plugins can you use for the above activities?

  1. Instapage
  2. Thrive Themes Landing Page Builder
  3. LeadPages
  4. OptimizePress
  5. Seedprod Coming Soon