Why Alexa ranking is so important?

Why Alexa ranking is so important?

With Alexa.com and Similaweb.com, people get to understand better the amount of traffic your website gets and this will be of great importance to potential advertisers, partners or clients who want to check out your site for any potential cooperation.

When you have a better ranking, you will be trusted by potential business partners. If you are a blogger and you want people to believe that your site has a lot of readers, then you need t have a good ranking in Alexa to prove this. This applies to e-commerce websites and any other kind of Internet Company.

You should understand that Alexa’s rank is estimated and this means that the site statistics do not exactly show the amount of traffic you have. The amount of traffic a website is private and the webmaster will share it if they want to. What Alexa does is make use of different metrics accessible in the public domain to guess the amount of traffic the site is getting. Alexa also holds its algorithm private but some of the probable metrics they use are banners, backlinks, position in search engines and paid adverts. This is a huge process and Alexa might take a couple of months before they update the information.

For some webmasters, they have the Alexa bar extension installed in their browsers. This extension is used to send traffic information but this is not enough to measure the traffic on all websites on the internet since not all internet users will use it in their browsers.

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