Submitting your websites to search engines for free

Submitting your websites to search engines for free

In the past, search engines were not as present as they aare in the current time. During these times, for you to gain prominence in the World Wide Web, you needed to have a following, resonance and gain power. It was so hard for one to submit their site to the search engines.

These days, the search engines are more accessible and information can be easily accessed for one to learn on the different ways of submitting their websites to the internet. You are not necessarily required to submit your site to their data base, chances are that they are already aware of your site’s presence.

To have your website submitted to the search engines, there are things you should know.

Don’t go for the submission services

These people who used to sell these submission services still exist. These people are corrupt since these services would no longer apply to any online business. The search engines will look for you no need for the proclaimed submissions. If they promise to add you on hundreds of search engines, this might be true but these search engines are motes when you compare them to Google and Bing.

Check whether you are in

To perform this check, visit the search engine’s homepage and type in your domain name in this form When you do so, the engines will show the information to you on your site’s presence. If you do not get any information, then you have not been recognized by the search engines.

Come up with a site map

Using the map is a creative and effective way of gaining attention on the search engines. Visit your site and come up with the site map, note down the location and generation date of the extremity. There are different tools that you can use to assist you but know that there is no need to pay for the service.

Manually do the submission

You can access forms from the search engines that you will use to submit your website by yourself. Earch engine has their form.