Ways you will find expired domains

Ways you will find expired domains

You can build links with expired domains but this is uncommon to many. This is an easy process that we have talked about in the past. It is simple but it will need you to research and invest properly. All you’ll have to do is locate a relevant domain that’s expired, do some research on the domain and turn the domain into a valuable asset to your ecommerce business.

Make the expired domain work for you

There are plenty of ways that you can turn an expired domain into great value to your business. One of the common ways is a 301 redirect. This will redirect all incoming traffic to your site. Another possibility is building a microsite on the expired domain and using it as a filter. This will lower the direct amount of traffic to the main site. This website will be acting like a landing page.

How to vet an expired domain

You should vet the domain when you want to make sure that the domain you want to buy will not hurt when you use it. The vetting process should be used to make sure that the domain you are buying has some residual value that you will leverage to make your site better.

What are some of these things that you should consider when checking out an expired domain?

  • Number of existing links
  • Previous content
  • Previous reputation
  • Existing audience
  • Number of redirects

Getting the expired domains

There are few factors that you need to consider when you’re going for the expired domain.

The first thing should be relevance; the domain you intend to buy should be relevant to your niche. This is to make sure that the traffic coming in will be interested in your site.

The other thing should be the keyword or the domain branding

The third thing should be the cost of the domain

Which sites have these expired domains on sale?

  • Xenu’s link sleuth
  • net
  • DomCop
  • Fresh Drop
  • Register Compass