Video content will assist you to boost site SEO

Video content will assist you to boost site SEO

There was a time almost every SEO expert was talking about the move to mobile and the importance to make the sites mobile friendly. This has been accepted and all theme developers and web developers are developing mobile-friendly sites. The current trend is that everything is being directed to using video in online outlets. This is being acknowledged by large companies across the world. Using videos in SEO makes sense but you might be wondering how to do it. As such, continue reading our post and you will learn how to do it.

Adding videos to your site

When you add videos to your site, you will be improving on the number one SEO factor which is content. A video will be seen by the search engines as indicators of high quality. Search engines will label this page as containing rich media. Note that you will need to use video content along with written content. As such, you will need to add video content to your site after emphasising on written content.

Keyword labels

The search engine does not only want you to add a video to a page. They will want you to add something to identify the video. This is something similar to labelling the images. Present your videos through keywords where you can add all of them in all fields that will describe the videos like the names, tags and titles. Search engines want relevance for them to acknowledge the value added by the video.

Transcript your videos

This is a unique way that will take advantage of your video for you to come up with good content for search engines. All you have to do is add an audio transcript in the form of text where you have added the video. This will tell the search engines more about your video.

Have an independent video sitemap

This will be of use when you have more videos on your site. Most of the users do not make use of this as they believe that this will give duplicate content. A video sitemap is something completely different; this is usually an extension to the regular sitemap that is used by the site.