Too much content on the website is not the problem but complexity is

Too much content on the website is not the problem but complexity is

A good website has a lot of content. Some people might tell you that a lot of content is not good for your site but this is not the case. Having plenty of content on your site is not the problem but the moment it becomes cumbersome to read the visitors will take off.

When building your content, you need to avoid adding information that is not relevant. Some will refer to this as fluff content. When you have content that’s not making sense, then you will be chasing your audience away. If you want to drive your point home, say as much as you can to clarify it. When building your content, try to make it as comprehensive as possible so that they get all information they need on your site and they will not find it necessary to leave your site to find facts elsewhere.

Not only should you use written content to pass information; make use of videos, infographics or GIFs. If you are not able to come up with these types of contents, find a freelancer to work on the things you need. Subcontracting will not take much of your budget and the content you get will potentially earn you more. Believe you me; visual content will be more effective compared to having written content alone.

As much as you are working on content for your site and trying to make as comprehensive as possible; be sure to have unique content. If it’s not unique, be ready to face the wrath of search engine updates that will penalize sites with duplicate content. More to this, your content should be search engine optimized to assist you in earning organic content and ranking high in search engine results.

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