SEO tactics that will hurt your business

SEO tactics that will hurt your business

The old days when you can rank high by creating artificial back-links or adding huge amounts of keywords to your website are long gone. Search engines are updating their algorithm and working hard to make sure that no one will rank for using old and unethical methods. If you play dirty, be ready to be punished.

Google started its big changes in 2011. The algorithm and internet ethics changes started with the penalising of giants such as JCPenny and Overstock. This was followed by variations of Panda and Penguin algorithms. As the updates came rolling in, it is difficult to trick the search engine into giving your site a top position when it’s not worth it. These updates are not secrets anymore but there are site administrators who are using old methods, and they are hoping to rank their sites high.

In this article, we will discuss methods that will not work anymore for your website. These techniques include the overuse of cheap backlinks, link exchanges, exaggerated use of keywords, creating more content with thin content and overuse of anchor text.

Having more links does not mean that your site will rank better

With the first Google’s page ranking technique, a website that had more links was said to be more important to one that had lesser number of links. This means that websites that have more backlinks were ranked well than those without. Currently, the search engine is interested in quality links over quantity. Links from bigger authority sites are valued, and links from least known or young sites will not have much effect on your site’s SEO value.

No need to overuse the keywords

The penguin algorithm killed black SEO tactic of overusing the keywords. The search engines make use of the automated programs known as spiders to crawl the internet to understand the content on every website. Site administrators in the past used huge amounts of keywords for them to rank higher than sites that did not have a lot of keywords. This changed and the search engines to do not rank sites with huge numbers of keywords as they believe them to be inorganic in the number of keywords.

More pages will not get you more traffic

In the past, search engine believed that sites with many pages should be ranked better compared to those without. This strategy does not work anymore, and more focus is given to content that is easily understood.