How safe is traffic from AdSense?

How safe is traffic from AdSense?

Why do companies make a huge amount of money from AdSense while other struggle at making a few cents from it. The determining factor here is their traffic. If a website only has a few visitors, then it will not make good amounts of money from their AdSense campaigns. If your website is one of the many that are struggling, then you should think about buying traffic to change the statistics. You should be careful when you are buying traffic because when you buy the traffic from sources that are spurious; your business will not change at all. This will not grow your earnings and will potentially invoke Google’s wrath.

Look at your traffic sources

Google is keen when it comes to keeping track of illegal or cheap traffic. One mistake will be enough to ruin your ranking on Google and AdSense. This being the case, you need to double check your traffic sources and confirm that the seller is legitimate and scrutinize the IP addresses and restrict access if you notice suspicious activities.

Guard traffic access that’s from software

There are companies that will lure you into buying their traffic and later send traffic from bots. You will only get loads of traffic but none of it will be from real people. This will not help you get real customers and will not bring revenue to your site.  This kind of traffic will not be safe for your AdSense business and Google will detect this soon enough and AdSense will shut down your account since this is against their terms of services. Your website needs to get real human traffic to be in Google’s good books.

Grow your website naturally

To do this, you can still buy traffic but do not buy huge volumes of traffic over a short period of time. Buy small volumes over a long period of time and Google will not detect that you are getting your traffic from third party sources.

Will you be penalized by AdSense when you buy traffic?

AdSense will not penalize you as long as your traffic is real and legitimate. The terms mentioned on AdSense indicate that you are free to promote your website in any way and this includes use of third parties to grow your traffic.