How should you resell site traffic?

How should you resell site traffic?

There are plenty of ways to make money on the internet. You can sell products, run PPM adverts, or do affiliate marketing. These methods I have mentioned above are not easy or lucrative like traffic reselling would be. When you resell your traffic in the right way you can rake in hundreds of dollars each week.

There is nothing new on what I will share in this post, the tools that will assist you in selling traffic have been around for plenty of years. We might not share the software we use to send traffic to your website but we will give you the process that you can use in reselling the traffic we sell to you.

Get to know about the business model

When you buy traffic and resell it for a profit, this is known as traffic arbitrage. This is just a fancy term that is used to make the process sound legitimate and get rid of negative connotations. This business model is simple and has been tested around the world. All you have to do is buy low and sell high. This might not be as simple as it might sound. You need to find a traffic seller who is comfortable with reselling his traffic and they might give you a license for the reselling deal. The next step will be to find buyers who are willing to buy at the higher price.

Know who your competitor is

This is an essential step that many of the budding resellers are not hiding to. If you skipped it, it might bring a lot of problems to you. What you do will be determining the sort of traffic niche that you wish to occupy. You will not be able to rank or compete in a buy traffic niche. When you select a niche, be sure that you can write about it and look for others who are selling traffic in the niche. If there are not many resellers in the niche, then you are lucky since there isn’t much competition.

Other things you should consider when looking to resell traffic

  • Read reviews of potential traffic sources
  • Establish cheap, quality traffic sources
  • Come up with a traffic selling website
  • Negotiate good prices