Is it possible for a website to rank well even with little content?

Little contentIs it possible for a website to rank well even with little content?

Four about seven years now, Google has been pushing to have an internet community that is based on quality content and not keywords and links. This being the case, they want as many people as possible to access the content they want to see. This means that times have passed when marketers would skew results by taking advantage of the search engine results and ranking at the top of the search results.

Your content

Developing quality content is the most common advice that one will ever get but there are a couple of problems with this.

Your content needs to have basic quality; as every year passes, the standard quality keeps on growing and this makes it difficult for newbie webmasters to get into the industry.

When it comes to posting your content, you need to do it often. When you have a website with ten blog posts, the site has ten opportunities to rank and ten opportunities to get the inbound links. This means that a site with fifty posts has a five times advantage on the site with ten posts.

You need to invest on the content you post on your website, this means that you will need to spend time writing or hire someone to do it for you.

Ranking on Google

For you to have good ranking on Google, you need to have good focus on your content and good keywords. With the keywords, Google will know the queries to associate your content with.

Come up with links for proper ranking

It will be tricky for you to come up with proper links. Google knows how powerful the links you bring to your site are and they will be regulated from time to time. When you get links from spam sites, they will be of detrimental effect to your site and when they are from websites unrelated to your niche, they will not be of any value. When you have links from leading sites, they will bring great potential to your website’s growth.

Snowball on quality content

When you come up with relevant content now, content that’s evergreen; it will be valuable tomorrow and in years to come. This will build authority and you will end up becoming a trusted site known to have authoritative content.