4 tools that will let you know the quantity of traffic competitors get

4 tools that will let you know the quantity of traffic competitors get

After you log into your Google analytics account, you will see the amount of traffic that your website gets. How cool would it be if you can see the amount of traffic your competitors get? The only way to see this is if you can access your competitors Google Analytics account. This will only be possible if you owned the competition or you have an inside person who would share their password. The latter is unethical but we will furnish you with tips you can use to check your competition’s traffic.

  1. You’re lucky if they use Bit.ly

This is a popular link shortener that’s available on the World Wide Web and would be a something good if your competition uses it. This comes in handy via social media shares and if your competitions are not using short links to share information, then you cannot see their traffic data.

After establishing that they are using Bit.ly, get the link they use, expand the link by loading it on your browser or using the URL expander. Go to Bit.ly with the expanded link and paste it as if you want to create another short link and on the top you will see the View stats link which will give you the site’s statistics.

  1. SEMRush

This is a great tool that you can use to analyse your competition’s statistics. All you have to do is add your competitor’s URL and you get all the information you need. From this tool you will get information like the search volume, Google result position, and the CPC for the keyword.

  1. SpyFlu

This tool will only look into Google AdSense adverts that a company has run. This will help you see they keywords they have targeted and the rank they have organically earned, as well as, the budget spent on the money. This will lead to a calculation of the traffic estimation for the adverts.

  1. Open Site Explorer

This is a tool developed by Moz and works in a great way to give you information of all sorts. The information you need to evaluate your competition would be the backlinks. This can lead to a lot of interesting information about the site with regard to the backlinks. You can create a comparison on the number of links and the linking domains.