Quality over quantity in website traffic

Quality over quantity in website traffic

Quality matters when it comes to most of the things in life. This is the case with website traffic as well. The traffic you get to your website will not mean anything if it is not the kind you target. This means that your business is not worth to everyone. Even when your website is 100% online, you will need to get a niche or your target market.

Target traffic is quality traffic since these are the people you think will be interested in your business and they might convert into buyers or subscribe to your services.

What are some of the ways that will determine whether your traffic is of quality?

Social Media

This has been said over and over but this is one of the best ways that you can spread the word. Some of the top social media networks we can use are twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram and Pinterest. These will work a great deal in showcasing your company and this will not be taken as a spammy move.

Buy Site Traffic

Come up with customized packages that will match to your niche and drive quality traffic to your site. With most of these campaigns, you can choose the number of visitors that will visit your site in a day, week or month.

Guest Blogging

Find blogs that relate to your industry and contact the webmasters to ask them whether you can guest blog. When guest blogging, do not talk about how great your business is but offer information that will be valuable to your target audience.


People will probably watch a video rather than read through text. Make videos that are witty, engaging, funny and informative. This way, you are sure that your target audience will keep coming back.

Without doubt, quality will always win over quantity. You’d rather have 15 visitors where 13 will convert rather than have 1,000 visitors where only 5 will convert.