Knowing whether paid traffic is real of fake bots

Knowing whether paid traffic is real of fake bots

When you buy traffic, it would be important for you to know whether it is real or fake. This applies when you are buying from reliable third party sources, fiverr or an ad network. Facebook and Google will also sent fake traffic your way since it will be hard to weed out the traffic completely.

Bots are software and it would be hard for them to mimic human behaviour. There are sophisticated ones that will do this but when you buy traffic you will get simple bot coming to your website.

There are three kinds of bots. You have simple hit bots, complex hit bots and the screen recording playbacks.

The simple hit bots are pieces of software that spoof a user agent and load a page.

The complex hit bots are similar to the simple hit bots but they have advanced mechanics like waiting random amounts of time, scrolling, clicking links and acting like humans.

There are also the screen recording playbacks where the bots will perform a range of actions and software will play them back with variations in IP addresses and user agents.

Heatmap Monitors

This will come a long way in giving you ideas on the behaviour and structure of your traffic. This will require you additional software that will make use of Google analytics to give the required data. When you make use of the heatmaps will come in handy when marketing and in the user experience optimization. This software will give you the section of the site the visitor went to, the time spent on a post and positions they clicked on.

Source Categorisation

This will require you to dig into your Google Analytics. With this you will get information on your traffic sources. You will get this information on your traffic sources from the IP addresses and geographic locations for the users visiting your site. There is the possibility of comparing surge in traffic with traffic from older days or months.

Behaviour on browsing

Bots will do the minimum and the less they will have to do, the more times they will do it. This being so, the seller will earn more since they will be giving more views in a shorter timeframe. One major indicator for this is the bounce rate. The bots will load the page, leave, change their user information and load the page all over again.

Other things you can look out for is the site engagement. If the site is engaged for a small period of time, then these might be bots.