Use these Marketing tips for free Google traffic

Use these Marketing tips for free Google traffic

If you want to get free and targeted traffic to your website, you should read this post to the end. Search engines play a huge role in attracting traffic to your website; you can get as much as 300% more traffic compared to social networks. The best way in letting Google know that your website is in existence will be focusing on the provision of high quality content for the audience.

Will link building help?

Link building is the creation of high quality inbound links for your website and these will assist in your ranking as well as bringing more traffic to your website. When you have spammy and unnatural backlinks, this will not be tolerated by Google and will lead to hefty penalties for your website since this will be taken as unethical practices. Google will from time to time change their algorithm and this makes it important for you to adhere to this by sticking to the rules.

Marketing strategies that will bring more success

Have a concrete social engagement with works as an excellent curation tool and it will gather all the exciting content and publish it in the form of a magazine. All that will be required of you is to select the categories you want to share by getting the closely related Scoop it page and have it recommended as your post. When you get accepted, you will get quality backlinks in a matter of minutes.

Use infographics

A smart link building strategy is using infographics. There are plenty of websites out there that will assist you in making high-end infographics. When building the infographics, you need to include genuine data sources while focusing on attractive designs. You can make use of statistical data when coming up with the infograph and this will make it interesting.

Use reverse guest posts

This is where you find quality and established bloggers who will publish on your site. When you are able to find a solid rapport with popular and established bloggers, this will assist you in building on your website’s brand and attracting more visitors.