Making your website page favourable to Google

Making your website page favourable to Google

If you have a website, then you want to have great target audience and quality engagements with your visitors. In this post, we will discuss some of the interesting things you should do to your content and website pages to make them loved by Google.

Like other marketers in the World Wide Web space, it is important for you to have a page that is SEO optimized for the end user and search engines like Google. Having such optimization will give you better traffic and ranking from the search engines.

Why do you need to optimize your content?

How people optimize their content has changed a lot over the years. There were times when people would rank for filling their content with keywords but this is not the case anymore. Nowadays, Google likes content that is informative, useful to the readers and content that will engage the audience. A search engine will rank your page if your content is purposeful, interesting and free-flowing.

If you have keywords fluffed to your content, Google will penalize your website.

Try on page optimization, this will be a sure shot to make your content visible to the search engines. Make use of quality outbound links, header tags and this will go a long way in getting more visitors coming to your website.

Some of the things you should do to attract more users and search engines

Do interesting stuff to optimize your 404 pages

404 pages represent pages or links that no longer exist. In this section we will enlighten you on some of the things that will make it more purposeful and give you Google’s attention.

To make these links or pages benefit you even when they do not exist, you need to add funny and entertaining images or some internal links. This way, when someone bumps on such a page, they might click on the internal links and proceed to other parts of your website.

Make use of pages with outbound links with a relation

Having links that lead to other sites related to you niche will potentially increase your traffic as well. Network with other people in your industry and the connections you make will be of benefit to your business.