4 Reasons why your landing page bounce rate is high

4 Reasons why your landing page bounce rate is high

Your landing page is the eye to your website. With the landing page you will make a disinterested visitor interested. In this post, we will discuss some of the things that make your bouncing rate so high and what you will need to do about it.

In some cases, a high landing page is not bad but this will only apply to pages that are providing a quick piece of information. The landing page should get the reader more interested to the product or services you are selling and make them buy or subscribe to the product.

  1. Your page might be loading slowly

The average user will get frustrated and leave the site if it is take more than five picoseconds to load. This might be too exaggerated but the point is that if your website is loading in three seconds or more, then you might be losing users.

You will be able to test your load times with a site like pingdom and when you should be getting the entire site under a second, your landing page should be discussed.

  1. You might have diluted your information

The landing page has to be a hyper focused marketing piece. When you have a link that leads from the page, then this will dilute the message. When you have an offer different from the primary one, then the offer will distract your users. When there is an opportunity to do something that’s different from filling the subscription or opt in form, then the visitor can choose to bounce and not convert.

  1. The video autoplays

When you have an explainer video, then it will be great for you to add it on your site to give an explanation of your services and make the visitors like it. This will also lower the bounce rate because the user will take their time to watch the video.

  1. Your content might be dense

When you have a landing page, the aim here is to get the most important information to the reader and do it as quick as possible, this means that you need to make use of short sentences, graphics, and bullets. This being the case, do not use long dense sentences.