What you should know about Email Marketing

What you should know about Email Marketing

Email marketing is an early concept when it comes to website marketing. This web marketing practice has been tested, tried and studies for a year on end. Multiple practices are coming up and will continue to impact the world of search engine optimisation, but one that will not need plenty of speculation or guesswork is email marketing.

Like any other strategy, when you make a small mistake it might render your strategy void. This is similar to when you buy traffic, you will buy traffic, but this might not be quality real human traffic; you might be buying bot traffic. When buying traffic, you need to go for high-quality traffic that is from real users and not bots.

In this article, you will learn about some of the dos and don’ts of email marketing


Come up with a relevant database and add detail as much as possible. Include purchase histories, track the activity of your recipients and have a record of enquiries. Be careful not to waste an opportunity in generating leads that might include newsletter subscriptions, or taking down email addresses of people who visited your store.

Have a schedule to surprise your audience with impromptu emails. This being the case, be sure to have a larger plan so that your company may not be predictable. You can have specials and discounts that can be onetime events and those that do not dilute your routine of having circulation emails.


Don’t send emails when you do not have something of importance to share with your audience. If you do not have worthy information, anything that’s helpful, then do not send emails.

Do not treat your database of emails as a single entity. Distinguish based on different factors. You need not treat someone who has made a purchase similar to one who has not. People who have been receiving emails from you five years ago should not be in the same category with those who started receiving emails from you a few months ago.