How much should you spend on Blog Content?

How much should you spend on Blog Content?

When you have a blog and it needs constant content updates; it is time consuming and you need to have constant flow of quality content and topics. More to this, you need to edit, format and have good images or info-graphics developed. Things get worse when you have different sites that you need to constantly update. This being the case, it would be smart if you used freelance writers for help.

Before you can start working with a freelancer, there are things you need to consider.

Writer Credits

The first thing to consider is for you to determine whether you will credit the writer. One of the options is for you to hire the writer as your employee, give him access to the CMS and a salary for them to write a given number of articles per week or month.

Another option can be hiring a writer and giving them a deadline do not offer them the access to the CMS or a fixed salary. This way, they will remain freelancers and you will need to pay them by post.

The third option will be for you to get a ghost-writer. This way everyone but you and the writer know that you are the one who has developed the content. The ghost writer will create the content, you will pay them then post the content under your blog name.

Ghostwriting Ethics

There is a contract between the readers and the blogger. The content will be published under your name and the reader will expect that you are the one who wrote the content. There are debates around ghost writing but it’s up to you to determine whether it is ethical enough for you.

God for low tier costs

We can’t give you a figure on the prices you should pay for content writing. This is up to you, pay amounts you feel comfortable and discuss with your writer. You can get good content writers from forums and outsourcing websites like upwork, and textbroker.

There are also mid-tier costs and high tier costs for your writing projects, it all depends with the proficiency of the writer to the topics given and the websites you are sourcing the services.