Grow Alexa Ranking Quick

Grow Alexa Ranking Quick

If you are wondering whether there are tricks you can use to increase your ranking on Alexa; then you are at the right place. One of the worst feelings you could ever have is putting up amazing content and finding out that it is not getting enough viewership. What you need to do is learn how to optimize your website for search engines and come up with incredible blog posts for your audience. This will be enough to assist in getting higher in Alexa ranking.

Know what Alexa is

Alexa is a company that maintains traffic information pertaining websites and it is known for its rank information known as Alexa rank. The global Alexa rank will indicate how popular your site is on a global scale and the local Alexa rank will show the popularity in your country where the domain is registered.

Where will I get my Alexa Rank?

You can visit the Alexa website to get your ranking or you can install the Alexa Traffic Chrome Extension on your browser to check you ranking quickly and conveniently.

Does Alexa Rank matter and why should you be concerned?

Alexa rank is an element viewed to be important by marketers since it shows the advertising potential of a site. The lower the number of your rank, the more traffic your site might get and this is an indication that a lot of people visit your site.

If your domain has lower Alexa ranking, then it will be highly regarded than one with a high Alexa ranking. With a low Alexa score, this will lead to a high CPC rate from an Ad network or might assist in landing advertisers on your site.

What are some of the things that will affect your Alexa ranking?

To determine your ranking, Alexa will estimate the average daily visitors and pageviews to each site over a period of three months. The site which has the highest combination of visitors and pageviews over the last three months earns the number one spot. From our view, there are other things that will determine your Alexa ranking and these are the number of page views, traffic from people using the Alexa Toolbar, your site’s user interface, quality and view diversity, social media shares, comments and likes.

Why not buy traffic?

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