Google Friendly Content

Google Friendly Content

There are a myriad of SEO tutorials that are talking about coming up with Google-friendly content but there are few explaining how you should go about it. Content is the on-page factor that will assist in ranking your site. Before you start an SEO campaign, you need to make sure that every single site feature is helpful and engaging. Digital marketing trends and SEO are directed towards content marketing and this should not be a surprise to see Google focusing on ranking pages with good quality.

We are aware that pages that have more than 2000 words rank higher compared to those with light and shot content. When your content is detailed, you will have to gain good ranking for your target keywords. When you have detailed and long pages you will help SEO campaigns since there will be a better possibility of getting backlinks compared to short texts.

Things to bear in mind when creating Google Friendly content

  • Use H tags to mention primary, long tail and secondary keywords
  • Use relevant keywords but don’t overuse them
  • Come up with content that has more than 2000 words for your pages to grow
  • Write content relevant to questions your visitors ask

Change your Meta Description for them to be action focused

Many people do not find Meta descriptions to not be important. This is the piece of information that you find right under the page titles in search engine results. This is not mainly a factor when it comes to ranking but it will be important for the audience to learn more about the content on the page.

When you have Meta descriptions that are detailed, this will encourage people to click on the result as opposed to a competitor without.

Optimize your title tags

You need to optimize the title tags for your site. This is mainly the first thing that people are seeing in search engines which makes it crucial for you to include target keywords. The best tag will be the one that will be able to describe your page content when the keyword has been mentioned.

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