Getting traffic to a new blog

Getting traffic to a new blog

A lot of blogger quit because they are not seeing new traffic getting to their blogs. All this happens because they are a few they are not following.

How will a blogger possibly get traffic to a new blog?

One of the most important ways that will get traffic to your blog is network, the more networks you have the more the traffic you will potentially get. One of the best ways to build a network is through interacting with others via Twitter and Facebook. The reason we are recommending these two networks is because it is easy for you to spread the word and follow other bloggers without problems.

Blog comments

You need to comment on the top blogs in your niche and try to be among the first five commenters. As the top commenter, your comment needs to be informative so that the readers can find your comments informative and find the need to visit your blog.

Network with others on Facebook and Twitter

While on Facebook join groups, you need not run promotions every time. As long as you are attached to a group, you will get good leads. Do not be disappointed when you are starting out since the progress might be slow but when you earn trust from your followers, progress will be easy.

Video marketing

All you have to do is create a video and add your blog link at the beginning. You can use an application like screenr to create free videos.

Come up with detailed articles

You will need to put in effort to attract quality traffic. You need to differentiate yourself with others for you to become successful. You should create great content that’s about 100-1500 words. If you are a fulltime blogger, then you need to venture into creating content more often, if not, come up with content once or twice in a week.

Invest time and resources into SEO

People often forget to make their sites SEO friendly. You need to focus on keywords and the amount of keyword density you need to maintain in the content to get search engine traffic to your blog.

Buy traffic

Since organic traffic might take time before it starts coming in, you need to buy traffic from trusted suppliers like us. We have a range of niche we supply traffic in and we will be sure to deliver quality traffic once you order it from us.