5 Reasons you are getting Site Traffic and no sales

5 Reasons you are getting Site Traffic and no sales

When checking your website’s statistics through analytics, one of the obvious metric to look into is the traffic. The more the traffic, the more sales you get. With less traffic, it means that you are having problems. There are times you will realize that you are getting plenty of traffic but you are not getting good sales. When this happens, there might be a couple of reason for this.

  1. It can be hard to find what you’re selling

This can be a problem with your site’s design or the layout. If the problem is on the design, people can crawl on your website for house on end without knowing what you’re actually selling. Another problem will be when your links look like banner ads or off site adverts. Visitors do not want to click on the ads and this will make them overlook these banners entirely.

  1. The landing page is unclear

When your visitor clicks on the advert, they should be directed to an optimized page that is designed to send them through a funnel of conversions. When the landing page you have does not have appropriate selling proportions, elements of a good landing page and social proof, then you’re not doing a good job sending your users into the conversion funnel.

  1. You have poor quality or cheap images

A good picture will always be worth a thousand words. When it comes to the world of ecommerce, a proper picture will be worth a thousand dollars. When you have low quality images, this will make your shop look poor and will be badly maintained. When you do not have good pictures, it will make your clients doubt your products and will not trust you enough to deliver what you claim to be selling.

  1. The site loads slowly

When you have plenty of incoming clients, but they bounce away, then your website’s loading time might be causing this. Take a test to determine how long a mobile visitor is taking to load your page, if it takes more than three to four seconds, then it’s taking long.

  1. You are getting your visitors from spam

If you went to a cheap service to get your traffic, then you are getting what you ordered. When buying your traffic, you need to make sure that the source is credible.