Getting more traffic to your Fiverr gig

Getting more traffic to your Fiverr gig

Fiverr has been associated with a lot of bad SEO professionals who promise great services but end up serving you with rogue black hat SEO techniques. But not all freelancers are rogue. If you have a service that you can render for $5 then you can set up an account with fiverr and start earning.

In this post, we are going to furnish you on some of the techniques that you can use to get more traffic to your fiverr gigs.

Make use of social networks

Social media adverts are the way to go. The way you go about it will depend on the kind of gig you’ll be promoting. You can have a page that promotes your business and promote it. When you have such a promotion, you will add legitimacy to your gig and this will also make you get your adverts shown to your target audience.

Get more feedback

On Fiverr you come across plenty of characters who want to make quick profit via automation and low cost on production. People will hardly use their money on gigs they think are being run by people who are not skilled enough. To curb this, you can do your best to earn huge feedback and this will only come from clients you have served.

Optimize your gig description

When coming up with your description, you will have to take advantage of SEO and Fiverr trends. With SEO, you will need to make use of keywords. When you do not have appropriate keywords, you will not get relevant queries and people will hardly find you.

Place adverts on your Website

This does not only apply to your Fiverr gigs alone but on anything you do. Advertise on all channels you own. Place adverts on your blogs, websites and social media network pages. You do not have to constantly advertise but you will need to dedicate a good amount of time to it and constantly advertise.

Come up with a video advert

Graphics are compelling compared to texts. Even when your users are not watching your video descriptions, knowing that it’s available will bring a huge difference. Having a video can change things for you.