Fixing onsite duplicate content instantly

Fixing onsite duplicate content instantly

If you are having problems with duplicate content on your website, we are here to assist you. The duplicate content can result to poor ranking on search engine results. There are two kinds of duplicate content. There is the onsite and offsite duplicity. When you have onsite duplicate content, this means that you are having similar content on different pages on your website. With the offsite duplicate content, this means that you are having content on your site that appears similar to other sites’ content.

When you have duplicate content, this will bring a dilemma to the search engines as they try to rank your pages.

What happens when you have duplicate content on your site?

  • The crawl rate will reduce since the Googlebot will be searching and crawling pages that have similar content
  • The user experience will be affected since the pages will not be ranking as they should
  • There might be confusion in the indexing of pages
  • New websites will experience delayed ranking and this is because of duplicate content
  • Search engines will not be able to determine the appropriate page ranking for the search query

Tool and techniques that will get rid of duplicate content issues

Redirect the duplicate content

You can create a 301 redirect from the page with the duplicate content to the one with original content. This will assist in redirecting the existing duplicate content to the appropriate canonical URLs.

Be cautious as you syndicate your content

As you syndicate your content to other sites, you need to be extremely cautious. Make sure that the content you place on other websites will point back to your website. When you have several pages with similar content, you need to expand the pages so they have unique content or have them in one page.

Make use of Google Webmaster tools

This tool will come in handy when you need to learn about any duplicate content that might be on the title description as well as the Meta description.

Use ScreamingFrog

This tool will assist you when you need to identify any duplicate content on your site. This tool will crawl as many as 500 pages to compare your content for any duplicates