Find out where your competitors get traffic

Find out where your competitors get trafficFinding out where your competitors get traffic on their site

Analytics are important to your business and will take you a long way in determining where traffic comes from where the visitors are going and dictate your online presence. This is one side of the coin, you will be able to know how you build your website when you determine how your competition operates. With the methods that we’ll discuss in this post, you will also learn about the analytics of your competition.

Getting detailed information will only be achieved if you had a mole in their company but this is hardly possible. You will be able learn about your client if you monitored their activities through a myriad of tools available on the internet.

  1. Monitor their advertisements

What do you get from monitoring their adverts? You can get to see the feed from advertisers that will show the ads in a given keyword niche. There are other forms of tracking that you can implement that will narrow your results as much as possible.

  1. Have a look at their links

When you have a backlink profile for your competition, you will be able to tell a lot about their business. This will show the genuine and spam sites that are linking to the website.

Tools that will give you this information include Ahrefs as well as, Open Site Explorer.

  1. Look at their Rankings

Check their ranking, note that there are different kinds of ranking and some are valuable compared to others. You can use Alexa to check some of these rankings and where they get traffic.

  1. Monitor their Social Network Engagements

It is important to check on the social engagements. This is public information and can be accessed easily. The same tools you use for your social engagements will come in handy when monitoring that if your competition. A tool that will be of importance is the Open Social Buzz.