How to start earning with traffic reselling

How to start earning with traffic reselling

This is one of the easiest and fast ways to earn money with a company selling traffic online. All you will need is an affiliate link to send traffic to them and you will get commission on all sales that will be done. The good thing is that all the commissions are recurrent and you will get them without the expiry date.

This is how the entire process works;

  1. Register an account with us
  2. Go to the reseller dashboard
  3. You will find your affiliate link there
  4. Advertise this link in your site or social media network
  5. You will see your commission accrue as your referrals subscribe to our services

When it comes to the commissions, this is how they will be determined:

Bronze: You get 20% of the sales when you refer less than ten customers

Silver: You get 22% for referring more than 10 customers

Gold: You earn 24% when you have more than 30 customers

Platinum: You earn 26% in commissions when you refer more than 50 customers

Diamond: You will earn 28% when you refer more than 70 customers

Antimatter: You earn 30% in commissions when you refer more than 100 customers

Bear in mind that you’re not allowed to be your own referral and your affiliates will be thoroughly checked and if such activity is detected your reseller account can be suspended.


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