Content rich in keywords will make you rank high

Content rich in keywords will make you rank high

Every webmaster is doing their best to earn a spot on the first page of search engines. These search engines will rank your content with the use of crawlers that scan through your content in search of terms and phrases that users are searching for. The search engine’s work is to match the user’s search terms to content that best fits their search terms. To be the best website in your niche, you need to research on keywords that will place you in a better position in your industry. Craft good keywords; have major and minor keywords and use them on content you come up with for your website.

To have good keywords for your niche, use the Google AdWords Keyword Planner. This way, you will be able to identify popular keywords often searched in relation to the main keywords.

When you come up with the keywords, there are five areas in your website that you should focus on when you try to make sure that your site is keyword rich. These sections are your page/post title, description, headers, your content and links.

Page/Post Title

It is wise if you included the keyword to your page or post title. Search engines will focus on the first few words of your title. If the keyword you are focusing on does not fit as you would want to the first section of your title, then you can make use of colons. For instance, if your keyword is Web Design then you can come up with a title like ‘Web design: We have the right programmer to make your website’.


This is referred to as the Meta description. This is where you should place the main keyword, your company’s name and if possible your website. This section is not long as you should try to have a maximum of 200 characters. The content you put in this section should make your audience want to click on your link.


This is a section many people ignore when creating a page or post on their website. You can make use of this section to grow your keyword depth. In this section, many people add titles and pictures. When you add graphics to this section, you need to add alternative text and you need to make sure that this text includes your keywords. The crawlers sent by search engines will not see images but they read through the text.

Your written content

When coming up with your website’s content, you need to make sure that it is organically used. Articles that have overused keywords will be ignored by these crawlers. Use your keywords organically, if you would want to use your keywords more, add more subheadings to your content.


When the spiders sent by search engines come to your website, they will look for keywords and also look at the text links on your website to determine how suitable your searches will be. If you make these links with keywords, this will increase your chances of ranking better in search engines.