3 Reasons your site’s content is not converting

3 Reasons your site’s content is not converting!

When it comes to dealing with your customers and potential customers, it boils down to having conversations with them. There is no point of having billions of visitors who do not care about your products. You need to engage your visitors and know what you can do your product to make it better or introduce another that complements it.

If your website is not converting, you need to know the problem and have it sorted out as fast as possible. There are many things that can make your website not to convert but it all boils down to three things.


One thing that might be letting you down are the visitors coming to your website. You need to establish whether these people care about your products, trust your business and whether they have any problems with your systems that you need to sort out to serve them better.

When it comes to the traffic, the reason why it’s not converting is that you might be targeting the wrong group of people.

Another reason might be that your traffic is not of good volume. Your traffic might be converting fine but you are not bringing in the right amount of traffic to make good profit margins.

Your website!

If you establish and find that people coming to your website are not the problem, then your site might be the problem. You might have proper landing pages but what about other pages on the website?

Determine whether your website is out dated or unprofessional. When a site looks less professional, it will look like a scam to your visitors. Your website needs to look professional for it to convert.

Other reasons might be that your site is:

  • Not being professional enough
  • You’re not selling to mobile users
  • You’re not publishing enough content
  • Your content might be too promotional

Is there a problem with your product?

You can have a good volume of traffic to your website but if your product does not appeal to them they will not convert into buyers.

To have them buying from you;

  • Give them the urgency to have your product
  • Give them free samples