Is buying traffic real and safe?

Is buying traffic real and safe?

Search Engine Optimization is a couple of years old, and some of the rules still stand. It will always be and is always is that black hat SEO tactics are bad and organically building your backlinks is good.

When it comes to gray hat SEO tactics; the tactics used are not classified into black or white labels. This is not something new but rarely does it get attention from experts in the industry. The reason here is because this is a notorious topic and there are few examples of things that will not fall into either white hat or black hat. Buying traffic is the only tactic that can closely be related to gray hat SEO. The reason behind this is that people are not sure where buying traffic should be categorised. Some will say that this is a shortcut to getting your brand known and will say that it is black hat SEO. Some will not classify it so because it does not get you penalized and will not harm your site in any way.

When you buy traffic, this will not be taken as an evil act in the industry, but it will leave a bad taste in the mouth of people who are believers of organic search. When buying traffic, the question is whether you will be getting good or bad traffic; trust counts in this. You need to evaluate your source and find out whether they are trustworthy.

When buying traffic, you should get it from a seller who will not send robots to your site or send people who are not close to what you are targeting. When you go for a source that will send genuine traffic, you get traffic that will read through your content and explore other pages. The difference between the traffic you get and the organic traffic is that you are paying for them to be there.

With the bought traffic, you need not worry about Google. They will not focus on the page views when ranking your site. If they were concerned, they would need to invest in a lot of resources to determine organic and bought traffic.