Why buy traffic for your website?

Why buy traffic for your website?

What are some of the things you should consider before you buy traffic for your website? Buying traffic is not a new concept and many businesses out there have been doing this for years. Many of these companies are established and they are not the only ones using the service. One of the ways that a newly established website will earn traffic will be through buying traffic. When they compete with large and established sites, this will be tough and regular search engine optimization techniques will not be the solution when it comes to the site’s rankings and listing in the search engine results page.

There are multiple sources where you can buy your traffic but the question is whether the sources are reliable.

Here are some of the questions you should ask your traffic provider!

  • Is customer support offered?
  • How much will be charged for the traffic I need?
  • What are the methods used to bring traffic to my site?
  • Will statistical information be offered?
  • Why are the services you offer better than others?

Where does the traffic come from?

There are various sources where traffic can be derived from. You can get traffic from expired domains but this kind of traffic can be of poor quality. There are also banner pop-ups, layer ads and pop-unders. This is where adverts will be placed all over the internet and people clicking on them will be directed to your website. This might not be the best source of traffic since there are people paid to click on these ads. These people have no intention of scrolling your website or subscribing to your services, their intention is to make commission.

Bots are also an issue, when you visit fiverr, you will realize that you will see them selling traffic at floor prices. Most likely you will find that they are suing software that will send fake clicks to your website. When you buy this kind of traffic, hardy will you get any conversion or sales.

Traffic Sources available

Ask your potential traffic seller the available traffic types. When you know the type of traffic available, you will be able to determine whether the services are worth buying. The more the traffic sources, the better the service might be.