Is it possible to buy traffic for a social network page?

Is it possible to buy traffic for a social network page?

The answer to this question is yes! There are two possible ways your social media page can get bought traffic. The first one will be from the social media network in question; in most cases you will find that they have a genuine way to buy the traffic through an adverts program. This will be through promoted accounts or promoted posts. The second approach will be purchasing traffic from a third party source and this can be as genuine as Google AdSense or shady as a Malaysian freelancer or Fiverr.

Without doubt, when you buy traffic from a legitimate source, this is going to be better compared to when you get it from low quality sources. When you go for the low quality, that’s what you’ll get, this means that you will have fewer engagements, broad traffic that will bring low conversions and to make things worse, you will get bot followers and not real humans.

Buy Traffic from Facebook

When you want to gain traffic from Facebook for your business; using Facebook ads will be a great idea. This might be one rewarding way to get followers, engagements or getting traffic. This will be fuelled by the huge amounts of personal data the social network can filter to get your target traffic.

Rather than engaging with third party traffic, you can go for the Facebook ads traffic and you will get your target traffic by tweaking the Facebook demographics in the ad structure. You can get even penny clicks but this will not be so good but its better compared to traffic you get from Fiverr.

Buy Traffic from Twitter

If you want twitter ads, they are freely available to any company or individual that needs them at no cost. These ad services can be used to sponsor your account, tweet or a trend. As for the promoted trend, not many companies or individuals would go for this since they are expensive.

Buy Traffic from Instagram

Instagram can be used as a great source of traffic if you are getting it in a legitimate manner. When you buy low quality traffic, this will be detrimental since your chances of going viral are not huge. A post’s visibility on Instagram is time sensitive and it would not be wise to grow an old post; putting up a new one would be much better.