Boost Traffic without External Links

Boost Traffic without External Links

Backlinks act as the sales posters for SEO; they go round spreading the good news about your website. They drive huge amounts of web traffic, e-commerce sites and online businesses. Backlinks are the top three SEO factors and will work a great deal to make your brand known. On the other hand, John Mueller from Google says that you need not focus much on backlinks which makes it ironic since they are the ones that bring targeted visitors to your site. For young bloggers, it makes sense for them not to focus on backlinks. More to this, the Panda update is smarter, and as Mueller suggested, Google’s algorithm pays attention to other factors. If you want to build backlinks, you will need to invest a lot of time and financial resources, but this is not the only way that you will boost your traffic.

You might have also come across people suggesting the use of schema markups and statistics show that 0.3% of the websites are using them. This will not count as a ranking factor, but it will give you better Google ranking. We will not guarantee that the techniques we give you will assist, but they will get you somewhere

Invest in Good content

Let’s forget about backlinks for a moment, and focus on creating more content that’s informative and relevant. You will notice that site’s ranking better in Google have an average of 2,000 words. This does not mean that you should stop when you hit the 2,000-word mark. You will be nowhere near the likes of Wikipedia and New York. This means that you have a lot to say about your products or services.

For the service based business like Airbnb where you have minimal but effective content, you need to stick to long tail keywords. Make sure that you have catchy and not necessarily long headlines. This is one of the best ways that will take you a long way in improving your CTR rate because this is where readers will judge whether your content is worth their time.