3 things that will make your blog accepted by Google News

3 things that will make your blog accepted by Google News

There are webmasters whose dream is getting into Google News. This is a wonderful place to be, from a business point of view or blog. The reason why these people are longing to be on Google News is because it is a great source of information and there are a lot of people who are using it each day. For you to get on the platform, you need to adhere to the strict selection process.

What will you get when you get on Google News?

  • When you get on Google you will get traffic since Google is packed with traffic since you will become part of the biggest and high quality article directory in the world.
  • When you get into Google news, you will be good enough to be used as reference, get watched and even cited.
  • Google is curated enough and the assumption that the site will be of great authority which makes your site an automatic source of links.
  • When you become part of Google News, you will get into the priority indexing and you will be always checked out by the web spiders.

How do you get to Google News

  1. Optimize your website for news

Google has specific requirements for the news sites and you should do your best to meeting all of them. First of all, you cannot be a blog with only one author.

You need to have a contact page. The page needs to have basic contact information like email and phone number.

The third thing should be having a news sitemap. This is different from the normal sitemap since it has information beyond the links to new pages.

  1. Have a plan for your content

You need to plan for quality content. You need not just give your writers freedom to coming up with content, you need to have topics for them and it has to be up to date all the time.

  1. Update the News blog often

An ideal news site will be required to update a couple of times in a day. This is the reason it would be great if you had about five writers working on the website. You can have at least three posts in a day. This can be easily achieved when you have these many writers.