An Overview of SEMRush

Semrush OverviewAn Overview of SEMRush

SEMRush is a great tool that’s used by high-end marketers in the industry but you can also use it in your commerce business or build your brand on the internet.

SEMRush starts are a basic web search tool but there is more to it. After entering the domain name, a unique URL or a keyword; you will get a lot of information like Google information in US, Brazil, France, Europe and Canada. SEMRush will also give you information from Bing or Yahoo.

From the statistics you will also see information on competition ranking, paid search CPC, existing results and organic search volume.

The domain analytics are similar. They will show organic and paid metrics, locations and types of traffic, as well as, the backlink rankings.

What features will you get with SEMRush?

  • Advertising research and analytics
  • Organic Keyword research analytics
  • Detailed backlink analytics
  • Display advertising information
  • Specialized keyword research
  • Video advertising analytics
  • Measure on keyword difficulty
  • Domain comparison tools
  • Detailed analytics on Google shipping product listing
  • Position tracking
  • Social media analysis
  • Site audit on SEO health
  • Charts and visual representation of data


The least pricing of SEMRush starts at $99.95 per month. By paying this amount you will be allowed to generate as many as 3,000 reports in a day where you can get as many as 10,000 results for every report you generate. With this package you can have five projects saved with the ability to track 500 keywords and be able to crawl 100,000 pages. If you want to have scheduled reports, you can schedule five in this package.

For the middle tier you will need to pay $199.95 per month. For this package you will get 30,000 results for every report. From this you will be able to get 5,000 reports. With the package you will be able to attach 50 projects and be able to track as many as 1500 keywords with a crawl limit of 300,000. As for the scheduled reports, you will be able to make 20 reports.

The highest tier will require you to pay $399.95 for it. With this you can make 10,000 reports each day for every user where you can have as many as four users. From each report you generate you can have 50,000 results and attach unlimited projects.