7 Places to get free traffic for your site

7 Places to get free traffic for your site

If you’re aware of the right places to get free traffic for your website, then things will be easy for you. All you have to do is maintain your balance between money and time. When you lower your budget on website traffic, you need to be ready to spend more time on your site to get the traffic. If you want to cut down on the time you spend on your site, you should be prepared to spend more money.

Social Media Traffic Sources

Social media sites can also take the see-saw scenario; they are good sources of traffic but they will need your dedication and commitment. You can come up with a profile but you need to put in work for it to be of significance to your website.

  1. Facebook

This is considered to be the king of social media. This is the largest network you can make use of to get good traffic but it is also susceptible to make your traffic fall when you do not put in enough work.

  1. Twitter

When you have a good Twitter account, you can get a good amount of traffic but you need to have a good mind-set to have compelling tweets. Watch out on the hash tags you use and the mentions.

  1. Instagram

If you are selling products, take pictures of them and post on Instagram or rather look for a good graphic design if you are selling services. Instagram has a good following and can translate to good clients.

  1. Google

There are certain tech-savvy users who use Google+ and to get them, you need to create a profile and start posting on Google+. For your physical store location, you need to have Google+ presence since it will get you carousel and Google Places results.

Multimedia Traffic Sources

Podcasts, Infographics, images and videos make up a huge part of the visual and audio in the World Wide Web. You need to invest in media channels for proper traffic.

  1. Infographics

This is a compelling way to show data that is not dry and boring.

  1. YouTube

When it comes to videos, you will realize that they have a lower barrier to entry compared to previous times. To make videos all you need is a good camera, a microphone and software to edit the videos.

  1. Amazon Kindle Direct

If you’re selling ebooks, you need to make a choice. Amazon is a good source of traffic but it is also great in making some cash from your readers.