7 Free ways to grow website traffic

7 Free ways to grow website traffic7 Free ways to grow website traffic

All websites have a goal and the main goal for most of them is to be exposed to the World Wide Web. Regardless of the goal you have set, you need to have more traffic. The quality of the traffic you’re getting is important but you need not be choosy when you’re starting out.

Setting up a website can be expensive; you need a reliable web hosting service, design and domain registration. You also need content to be done on your website, as well as, hire social media managers.

In this post, we have some methods that you can use to grow website traffic without paying a dime!

  1. Come up with good SEO Strategies

If you need a good SEO job done, you will need to hire an SEO firm for that. Since we do not want to spend money on the SEO companies; you need to come up with a checklist that you’ll go over from time to time. Some of the things you will be looking at are keywords, meta descriptions and titles, linking and site factors like load time and inbound links.

  1. Guest posting

When in a position to build the site’s traffic manually, it would be wise if you did this with sites in your niche that have more traffic. Approach webmasters to these sites and ask them whether they would consider guest posting with you.

  1. Engage via social networks

You need not spend any money when using social media networks. You need not go for the paid adverts but you will get good traffic by regularly engaging in social platforms like Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Google+ in a myriad of more.

  1. Come up with quality and detailed content

You need to have content to keep your visitors busy. The content you come up with needs to dominate the search results and should be interesting to the readers alike.

  1. Have video content on your website

This will grow the attention detail to your visitors even though it might take up a lot more resources to come up with compared to writing articles.

  1. Responsive website

You need to have a website that is mobile friendly. When choosing your theme or your web development tools, go for those that will make it easy to have a mobile friendly website.

  1. Interview professionals in the industry

When you give an interview, your visitors will trust you more as it will portray to them that you are in an authoritative position.