5 Ways that will maximize conversion rate

5 Ways that will maximize conversion rate

Your conversion rate is important. There are chances that you will have a good conversion rate and make little money.

For instance, you can have 1000 weekly visitors with a conversion rate of 10 percent. You can go ahead and make a change but the conversion rate will not increase but you now have 500 visitors a week unlike in the past where you had 1000.

This being the case, you need to know that the conversion rate is only one of the interactive factors that you will have to consider.

Test your traffic

One key to have good conversion rates is split testing. It is important for you to test any changes that you make before you can fully implement them. This is because what works for one person will not necessarily work for someone else.

When we talk about split testing, this is making a single change between two identical pages and evaluating what works better. When you do not conduct the split testing in the right way, it will fail thus giving you the wrong results.

Test the value proposition

This is where you determine what makes your visitors buy your products or services. Are the prices low, are the services better or do you have a good reputation? These are the things that will determine how your visitors value your products or services.

Test the language

To test the language, you can start by coming up with different ways for different levels of visitors. This can be a copy developed for beginners, intermediate users and advanced visitors. This will give you an idea of your visitors’ skills level which will determine the kind of support team you enrol.

Use Indicators of trust

There are several ways that you can add trust or social proof to the landing page. When this happens, make use of testimonials and reviews. To build on your trust, you can use logos from your clients, as well as, Facebook verification.

Make the purchase process easy and efficient

The steps you incorporate for your visitors to use from the landing page to checkout will determine your conversion rates. These include the steps that are used by your visitors to get to ordering the products or services.