5 Ways to make your Landing Page Conversion Rates Better

5 Ways that will make your Landing Page Conversion Rates Better

Organic SEO will drive people to random pages on your website. This can be on your targeted adverts, newsletter traffic and PPC adverts among others. When you have a bad landing page, it is similar to having a bad air filter on your car. To clear things up, you need to come up with a properly optimized landing page using the tips we’ll share on this post!

  1. You need to have good consistency between your Page Copy and Adverts

When an advert you have created is clicked on, it has done its work. This means that the advert has attracted the visitor with a specific image and a message. When the visitor gets to the destination page, they expect to see similar information as that on the ad or something that leads to it.

  1. Test any changes in quantity

When you choose to split test your adverts, you have to be incremental in changes you might make. This testing will give you the opportunity to check on abrupt changes on the landing page and revisit on the information or evaluation of their decisions.

  1. Information needs to be consistent

Consistency shows that you are credible in your product or service delivery. When you claim to have served 200 businesses yet your landing page only shows 100 businesses, this shows a disparity and will make your visitors lose credibility. This means that you need to keep your facts consistent from location to location.

  1. You need to Emphasize on the Urgency

You can do this in two ways. One way can be through the use of time sensitive language and this can be achieved by stating that the deal will last for a limited time. Another way can be making the offer time sensitive.

  1. Let the design of your website appeal to the visitors

Come up with an eye-catching design, it should be elegant and vibrant as well. The design need not feel good but it has to be appealing. Capture the visitor’s attention and this will make them interested in your services or products.