5 Content promoting tools to gain more traffic

5 Content promoting tools to gain more traffic

In this post, you will learn on ways to increase your traffic through the use of inbound marketing. In bound marketing techniques will give you information on marketing methods that will give you prospects attention and draw more visitors to your site rather than old methods used to search prospects outside. Inbound marketing is all about creating content specifically designed for your visitors and sharing it with other readers.

Here are some of the content promoting tools you can make use of:

  1. Slideshare

This is a subsidiary to linkedin and has more than 70 million visitors every month and they all come through targeted search. This is one of the most visited websites in the world and will work miracles when it comes to growing your business and getting your target audience without spending a lot of your resources.

For your business to do great in business, you need to come up with great presentations that will make it easy for your to get good traffic and rank better on Google and in building your brand.

  1. Pinterest
  • Boasts of more than 100 million users
  • 85% of pinterest users are women
  • 88% will buy a product that has been pinned
  • Pinterest along with tumblr are the fastest growing social networks
  • This is said to be the second traffic referral with 50% of visits happening 3.5 months of the first pin
  1. it

This is easy and fast in spreading content. On this platform, people will collect anything from the World Wide Web and publish in a magazine style. Most of these pages have high PR and can be used in driving traffic and promoting content.

  1. ly

In this platform, you can build a list on almost anything, helpful tools, recommended books, applications, articles or people.

  1. Getting the best from social media

Making use of social media will earn you a lot of exposure, for your business and services. This being so, you need to set time to publish your tweets or facebook posts.

One great application is Tweriod that will come a long way in analysing your tweets, followers and knowing when it’s best to post your tweets.