4 ways to Optimize your website for mobile traffic

Four ways to Optimize your website for mobile traffic

You lose on a lot of traffic if your website is not compatible with mobile devices. Research shows that almost a third of the traffic on the internet is from mobile devices, as well as, more than half the traffic from facebook. This number continues to grow steadily each year as mobile technology grows. Mobile traffic is of great value to your local business since potential clients will use mobile devices for their local research. Bear in mind that your website’s ranking will grow a huge deal if you have a mobile friendly website.

  • Make a choice between a dedicated sit and a responsive design

You need to decide whether you will have a dedicated mobile site on a subdomain or you will have responsive design working for all devices.

When you have a dedicated mobile site, it is easy to make since it’s a streamlined version of your site. When you have a mobile website, you will have the disadvantage of managing two domains when you would just be maintaining one.

When you have a responsive site, this is more dynamic in that you will only have one site. The technology used on these kinds of websites is that they use a special code that will detect the device you are accessing the site from and it streamlines the content to make it fit on your mobile device.

When typing on your mobile device, it is difficult compared to when you’re doing it from your computer. To avoid typos and lower the time you spend typing on your phone, one tends to minimize on the words when typing from a mobile device.

  • Front Load Content Value

Readers using a mobile device do not require to look for content in lengthy posts. They want to have content that is easy to read through and skim. The information the reader is looking for need to be easy to access, at the top of the page and formatted to stand out.

  • Use mobile features

Mobile devices make use of a couple of feature that you will hardly find in desktop computers. Configure your mobile website to take advantage of the features. Some of these features are store locators, barcode and QR code scanners and mobile coupons.