4 tricks how to grow Alexa Rank

Grow alexa rank quicklyFour tricks that will grow Alexa Rank for your site

For many years, Alexa has offered traffic metrics and rankings. The company is currently owned by Amazon and they have a huge database of information on the sites and the user behaviour. Such information is said to be of minimal use because of the way Alexa is said to calculate the information but most of the businesses find this information very useful. If you believe that your website can reap benefits from ranking better in Alexa; we have tips of information that will be of benefit to you.

Claim your Website

Alexa will only record the metric of websites that use the Alexa tool. The way it works is similar to Yelp where a profile to a given website is developed and allows the site owners to claim their sites. When you claim your website it will give you more control over information that’s displayed and will make the profile stand out more.

When you want to claim your site go to Alexa’s website and go through all the information on the claim process.

Have the users encouraged to make use of the toolbar

Alexa works by tracking a website through a unique algorithm. This is the reason Alexa specifically produced a plugin to be uploaded on all common site browsers. This toolbar will specifically act as a source of information for Alexa.

The toolbar will have a couple of benefits; there will be visible ranks for the sites on a global and national level. It will include a web search bar where the toolbar replaces Bing or Google search bars. There will also be a community ranking that will show how trustworthy the site is.

Naturally attained Quality Links

Through Alexa’s site widget, two things are displayed; there is the ranking of the website and the incoming links quantity. This way, when the number of incoming links grows, so will your ranking grow. All you have to do is make sure that all links acquired achieve a given minimum quality threshold. This is because when you have links that are below a given level are spam and will hurt your website both on Google and on Alexa.

Buy Traffic

When you read through most of the SEO information on the internet, you will learn that most of them advise you to never buy traffic. The trick here is that you can get away with bought traffic if it’s genuine. If you do this, you will get good ranking on Alexa and Google.