4 Link building strategies you can easily use

4 Link building strategies you can easily use

There are plenty of link building methods but not all are easy to use or understand. In this post, we will mention a few of the link building strategies that we find easy to use and effective. Not all of them will give you instant results but they will be worth to know.

There are ways you will define the process of link building but they are divided into four areas.

  • Link research stage
  • Link building outreach
  • Link analysis
  • Link reporting

In this post we will look at link research and the ways you can use to find prospects. When it comes to the outreach part, this is finding the subject for the post and reporting is about recording and gauging your efforts.

  1. Blogdash

This is an outreach platform developed for bloggers to communicate and build relationships. This tool will allow the bloggers and business owners to get an opportunity, get information and engage in it. This forum is made up of bloggers a lone. In this space you will find bloggers who will work on your event invitation, adverts, product reviews, partnerships, and guest posts in a myriad of more.

  1. Guestr

This is another service that will come a long way in assisting website owners to find guest bloggers who will write for them in exchange of backlinks. You will have the liberty to ask for facebook and twitter account profile links to understand about the blogger and determine whether they can do whatever they claim. There is the klout score which is displayed in the blogger’s guestr profile to determine whether the blogger has good social media influence.

  1. Scrapbox

This is a multiple tool platform that is used to harvest URL’s with regard to your search parameters. The search tool will assist you in getting the keywords, long tail keywords from seed words, it will also make blog comments posting and scrap for emails as well.

  1. Paywall

This is a unique tool that will offer access to your paid subscribers.

There is the hard paywalls which will not give access to people who are not paid subscribers

There is the soft paywalls which allows s little freedom and this can be limited number of articles per month and show a couple of samples or only a part of a post.