3 ways traffic will be increased by a mobile site

3 ways traffic will be increased by a mobile site

When you create a mobile site, you will be at an advantage in increasing your traffic. When you have a website, this is a great way to promote your business. When you have a website, it will act like an information provider to potential customers. In this age, people are using tablets and smartphones to make it easier for them to navigate the World Wide Web and get in touch with companies.

With a mobile site, there is the chance of converting visitors to customers

It will be important for you if you consider having a mobile friendly site when building one. When a potential customer visits your sites through their mobile devices and find that it is not mobile friendly they will immediately back out and look for sites that are mobile friendly. From research statistics, it has been established that 60% of the visitors will leave the site if it is not mobile friendly. This simply means that if your website makes use of a mobile site, it will get more visitors who will potentially become buyers in the future.

Loading time is saved

Research has revealed that when a site does not load in 6 to 10 seconds, the visitor will leave and look for a website that loads faster. With a mobile site, navigation will be made faster and easier and this will improve on the chances of the visitor to become a customer. When you only have a desktop version of your site, it will load slow on a mobile device and this is why it will be important if your site was mobile friendly.

Be ahead of your competition

If a website does not have a mobile friendly site or a HTML version of their website, they are missing out on potential customers to their competitors. For a website to rank well on Google, they need to have a mobile friendly website or a website that is built on the HTML platform. When your company has a mobile site that another does not have, you will have higher chances of getting more visitors and this will convert to more customers.