3 things that might keep a website online even on high traffic

3 things that might keep a website online even on high trafficThree things that might keep a website online even on high traffic

There are two major reasons as to why a website gets sudden growth in traffic. One of the reasons might be that one of the pages on the site went viral and is getting a lot of shares on the internet and thus pulling huge numbers of backlinks which translates to huge traffic.

The other reason might be a negative reason and this is that someone wants to bring down your website through a denial of service attack. Through this, you will only get links and you end up with traffic to eat up your servers.

In both scenarios, there is effect on your server’s backend and we are aware that a huge number of hosting companies have a specified number of bandwidth allocated to each website each month. The ridiculous amount of traffic growth will eat through this an exceed it. When the allotment is exhausted, the website can go down up to the last day of the month when the bandwidth allocation will be refreshed or your website will stay up and the hosting company continues to charge additional amounts for the additional space your website is taking up.

What are some of the things you can implement to deal with a spike in traffic?

Come up with a Lite Site

Develop a lite site, this way, you will have it reserved when you get a surge in traffic. The lite version should not have unnecessary images, make it as simple as possible but do not get rid of information your visitors are looking for.

A good option for a lite site is a mobile sits. These sites tend to be lightweight because of the connections on your mobile phone and data limits.

Have the least file sizes possible

If possible, do your best to have lightweight file types. You can have compressed files instead of the original file sizes. This will save you a lot of space even though it might seem small when you look at an individual file.

Upgrade your hosting

Upgrading your hosting will mean that you will have more bandwidth for your website and this will lower the chances of exhausting your bandwidth or being charged more when you get a Denial of Service attack from a hacker. This will also save you from overcharges from your hosting company when it happens.