3 Things to do after launching website

Launching Website3 Things to do after launching website

Hardly will people understand the time and the hard work that’s put in having a website unless they have done it themselves. It can take weeks or months of hard work in development to have everything in the right place. Having the website going up is a great relief and can be said to be another chapter since there is a lot that needs to be done after the launching website.

Come up with a content Calendar

You need to add content to your website and the content needs to be unique. For your blog or website to be a success, you need to have a consistent update schedule for your content. The calendar should be as simple as possible. It can be a calendar indicating the days to have a post.

After coming up with the calendar, you need to start making content; the first move should be to make evergreen content. When you have a dozen of posts that don’t need time sensitive information, have them drop through the week or months.

As you write the content, make sure that you hid to SEO techniques that will make your content good for the search engines.

Have a monitor analytics in place

There are plenty of analytics tools that one can use but the best would be Google Analytics. Register for free and install the code you get to your website. The reason why you need to install Google Analytics is for you to have a baseline. You get to know the number of visitors you’re getting and the content that is liked by them. This is one of the best ways to have your curve grow.

Build profiles and Social Network profiles

If you do not have social presence, the key to starting out successfully is for you to have slow and steady growth. Do not build so many social media profiles, instead focus on the big ones; they are Twitter, Facebook and Google+. If you think you will get more clients from social media platforms like Pinterest and Intagram, go for them and lose platform like Twitter and Google+.