3 Steps to take when traffic suddenly drops

Traffic suddenly drops3 Steps to take when traffic suddenly drops on your website!

When you constantly check out your traffic, you will be aware when the traffic fluctuates. You will be able to notice when things are bumpy, when your peaks happens and this will all depend on the kind of business you’re doing. Without doubt you will be in shock when you check your analytics and realize that you have a sudden decrease in traffic.

What are some of the things you should do to avoid or correct this?

  1. Establish the extent of the loss

You need to establish the dramatic loss. Did it happen for just one hour or was it just a day off? When the fluctuation happens for a season, this can be normal. It might have been a holiday where people when for a break and went out to celebrate and were not visiting your site.

When the traffic loss is dramatic, and is available on a wider view, then this has been caused by a deeper issue and this should be a concern and a diagnosis is required.

  1. Find out what caused the loss

There are plenty of causes that might have caused the loss.

  • One reason might be because your site was down or there were some critical DNS server problems. This means that there is a technical hitch and needs to be addressed.
  • Another reason might be that Google penalized you. Visit a site like Moz.com to determine whether there was an update that was made on the day you lost your traffic.
  • You might have been penalized by a negative SEO attach. Negative SEO happens when your competition buys low quality spam links and sends them your way.
  • Has your posting habits changed? When you change the way you post content, you can get penalized for it.
  1. Come up with a fix

With regard to your issue, you need to come up with a quick fix. You can revamp your site or you might not do anything.

Depending on the problem you diagnose, get a fix for it or get an expert to do it for you.