3 Effective ways to buy web traffic

3 Effective ways to buy web traffic

You can buy traffic all day but if you do not have a good strategy planned you are simply setting your money on fire. We are going to give you some of the things you can do to have a good digital marketing strategy for best returns on your bought traffic.

Have a Facebook interest page

Chances are that your audience is on Facebook. This is the reason you need to have a Facebook page that is centred on common interest. For instance, if you are selling racing car parts, your audience will be male since they enjoy racing. The page you create should be one that shares racing themed photos, tips or jokes.

Use Facebook’s Advertising Pixel

The Facebook advertising pixel will make it possible for you to target and retarget a given number of segments of your audience on Facebook. There is the choice to target those who have like you or those that fit your target market. You will get the option when setting up your pixel and demographics of your audience. The people you choose will be the ones that see your ad.

Retargeted Ads

There are chances that someone might have visited your site, and never made a purchase or sign up to your email list. For such people, you would target them with a different ad. There are chances that these people will visit your site again and subdue to your call to action. It is evident that these people are interested but you need to coax them more to become part of your family.

A retargeting ad will ease their worries or clear things up and get them to the finish line.

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